Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Excuse me...what's so special about your Christmas Blend?

Today I scrabbled around in the quarry at Ruffner Mountain. I went with CNK. The tree colors were fabulous and the company was relaxing. Sadly, we both had to work this evening and so didn't stay out for very long. On the way into work I decided to reward my Sunday diligence with sugar and caffeine.

Starbucks low point -
The cup containing my grande 1/2 eggnog - 1/2 nonfat milk latte (Hey, like you've never bought a nasty Starbucks drink!) says the following:

Bequeath a wreath. It's fun - just leave one hanging on somebody's door or in an office cubicle. Make it a surprise, and maybe leave a note on it that says something like: "This wreath is a circle. Do something nice for somebody else and keep the circle going."

Starbucks high point -
While purchasing the aforementioned latte a woman interrupts my order to ask the barista, "What's so special about your Christmas Blend?"

Without missing a beat he looks up and replies,
"It tastes like Jesus."

No response from the woman but, like a true pre-Christmas miracle, I feel the migraine that was trying to settle behind my left eye instantly dissipate into a grin.

Birmingham, today I have a crush on you.