Sunday, August 5, 2007

Birthday party Boom-boom

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

(old post from the myspace)

Saturday was my birthday and I had a party. This is the 32nd time I've had a party for my birthday but I think it made it into the top five.
Top Five Birthdays:

1) My third birthday because I didn't have to wear a shirt the whole time AND I got a Mandy Doll who I promptly and originally named 'Mandy'. No pictures on account of the shirtlessness of little me and the creepyness of the internet.

2) My fourth birthday. There were tons of kids in the back yard. My mom convinced me that my favorite birthday cake was a low sugar blueberry cake with no frosting. She served it with a side of carrot sticks. Later, I danced in the wrapping paper that came around a stuffed lion.

3) My fifth birthday. We went to Palo Alto to visit my grandparents. I requested a chocolate cake with cherries on top. My mom and grandma made me a homemade round layer cake with fresh black cherries pressed into the frosting. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I got a musical jewlery box with a dancing ballerina inside. I had also requested a plane trip, destination anywhere, alone. I had discovered that one could fly without a parent at the age of five. In addition to the music box I got a plane ticket to visit my dad.

4) My ninth birthday. The last birthday that was really kid-like. It was a Smurfday. Complete with a Smurf cake and Smurf party favors and I wore my smurfyest Smurfette shirt which I totally Smurfed out with additional Smurf stickers.

5) My 32nd birthday. We had a cocktail party and some of the greatest people in Birmingham were there. Debbie flew out from Portland, OR. I cooked little numbly things for two days. Mushroom-stuffed Mushrooms, twice roasted beets with yogurt chive sauce, shrimp with coconut curry sauce, fig cake and manchego cheese wrapped in proscuttio, spinach dip, grilled polenta, goat cheese smothered in tomatoes and capers, fresh berry salad with honey ginger dressing, candied nuts, herbed olives.

There was dancing on the porch. A breeze came up to cool us off. We hula hooped. Marcus hula hoops like he is at war with the hoop and he intends to be the one who walks away victorious. Sameera hula hoops as if they are old friends, having a lazy conversation that could last all day. Somebody used most of my dish soap to make bubbles in the yard. Somebody else was a little wasted and sneaked into my kitchen to dilute the last of the dish soap with water and fresh-cut limes. My sneaker shoe laces were sacrificed to the bubble gods.

Tomasz made me a wall hanging of cells that look like a school of fish. Glenn and Maggi brought an awesome set of CDs, including some Brazillian woman who entranced the entire party into two minutes of delighted silence. There was a new cookbook from P~. JD made me a beautiful box with a bracelet inside. Although they couldn't make the party, David and Magaret Anne gave me a bouquet of flowers they grew on their farm. Paul brought a bottle of plum wine that he made himself...

Lovely, lovely, birthday. It was Smurfless and I had to wear a shirt the whole time, but still, a total blast. Thanks to all of you who made it so wonderful.

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