Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Apparently you have a time machine

So I'm sitting at the Bottletree with Meg, Wen, and T. We get angry with the early reporting and send the following snarky e-mail cause we are HILARIOUS. Also, we are PISSED off AND ourah nurves is toe-up!* They are calling the election seconds after the polls have closed in only a handful of states.

Dear Dedicated Reporters and Staff at Reuters,

It is Tuesday night in Birmingham, Alabama. While we are often accused of being behind the times we have recently recieved a shipment of calendars into our Walmarts. In this way we are able to determine that it is November 4th...which is a ding-dang-dawg Tuesday.
Imagine our surprise when we read (just having learned that too) that you are already calling states for Obama not to mention that these results were collected on Wednesday, November 5th.
We sure hope you send that technology down here soon.
Olabama Lovahs in Bama

(Seriously, how can you justify calling results so soon? It has only been minutes since the polls closed.)

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(Ha ha, jokes on us...turns out it IS Wednesday in Reutersville which is obviously around the world somewheres.... he he he....blush)

* Yankee translation: Our nerves are some what frayed

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Kristina said...

I was driving (since I'm in L.A., I'm always driving) around 4:30 pm, listening to NPR, on Nov 4. McCain had 8 electoral votes and Obama had 3. I got back in my car around 6:30, and the NPR people are tactfully saying that there's really no way McCain can catch up after Obama was projected to win Ohio and NC. I realize they are calling it for Obama (without calling it officially and getting in trouble for calling it before the polls closed in CA). I start screaming and crying in my car on the 405. Wow. Wow wow wow. It was beautiful.